Ton of cheese “is learned” to produce out of 3 tons of milk in Ukraine

Submitted by bashun on Sat, 03/03/2018 - 16:43

Falsification of dairy products is actively developing in Ukraine. "Dirty" technology came into industry, and labeling of goods often does not match their actual composition.

This is told by Vadym Chaharovskyi in his blog “Infagro”, chairman of the board of directors of the Union of Dairy Enterprises. In his opinion, this is because in the understanding of some owners a successful business is not innovation and marketing, but fraud.

"If earlier the main variant of falsification was the replacement of milk fat by non-dairy, now they have learned to replace milk protein," says Vadym Chaharovskyi. - Some manage to produce a ton of cheese (fermented milk - Ed.) out of 3 tons of milk. This is done with the use of Russian technologies, in which special dietary fibers are used."

Such technologies came to Ukraine through border areas, mainly Kharkiv. They are used, for example, by Bohodukhivskyi and Zmiivskyi plants, says Vadym Chaharovskyi.

The expert agrees that such technologies have a right to exist, but manufacturers should not deceive consumers. For example, the name of the product should indicate "imitation" or another, but do not sell it as natural.

At the same time, Vadym Chaharovskyi notes that Ukrainian awareness of what they consume is visibly increasing. Many refuse spreads and buy oil, even despite the high price.

It bears reminding that the public organization "Consumer Confidence" previously conducted studies, according to which 50% of Ukrainian cheeses were falsified, that is, they contained fats of non-dairy origin. Among Polish cheeses, which are sold in Ukraine, everything was falsified.

Earlier, Vadym Chaharovskyi reported that 40% of the butter, which is sold in Ukraine, is also falsified.


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