"Together we managed to force the takeovers to retreat" - the head of the USBA Iryna Palamar

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The Anti-Raid Commission of the Ministry of Justice granted the complaint of the company "Econia" and canceled illegal registration actions, which led to the loss of real estate by the enterprise. This was reported by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on its website.

It bears reminding that the company, the manufacturer of drinking water and baby food - the company "Econia" - underwent an illegal takeover of property on July 19, 2018.

Iryna Palamar, head of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Assocation and a public figure, defended the company.

Iryna Palamar immediately appealed to the relevant authorities - the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, to the office of the Business Ombudsman as the representative of the European Union for the protection of business rights and other organizations, to the first vice-prime minister - the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Stepan Kubiv, who is the head of the Interdepartmental commission on the protection of investors' rights, combating the illegal takeover and seizure of enterprises, demanding urgent measures to restore the rights to illegally seized property of the company "Econia", to cancel illegal registration actions with property, and also went to the scene of the incident, to Zolotonosha, to intervene in the situation personally.

The representatives of the company "Econia" addressed with a complaint to the Anti-Illegal Takeover Commission of the Ministry of Justice.

As a result of joint actions by all company defenders against illegal takovers tyranny, on August 9, 2018, the Ministry of Justice considered complaint of the company "Econia"  and canceled all registration actions that led to the loss of real estate by the enterprise.

During the very examination of the complaint, the arguments and evidence of the representatives of the company "Econia" were more convincing than those who attempted to seize the property of the enterprise. Already today, based on the results of consideration of the complaint, all relevant registration changes have been made in respect of the property in favor of the company "Econia" in the State Register of Immovable Property. In the coming days, the company will receive a copy of the order of the Ministry of Justice.

"Those who stood behind this illegal takeover tried to contact me through my friends and business partners. Of course, I did not communicate with them, - the head of the USBA Iryna Palamar said. - But I applied to the appropriate authorities to protect honest producers. And together we managed to force the takeovers to retreat. I am grateful to everyone who did not remain indifferent to this egregious case and defended honest producers. I would like to express special gratitude to the Office of the Business Ombudsman, who controlled the consideration of the complaint, which was addressed to the Ministry of Justice, whose representatives were personally present at the consideration of the complaint at the meeting of the Anti-Illegal Takeover Commission of the Ministry of Justice that consideration was provided more objective and fair. I will continue to actively protect our entrepreneurs from illegal takeovers in the future. I have already spoken on this issue at a meeting in the National Investment Council, and I am supported by many international figures, in particular, members of the American-Ukrainian Business Council. It is necessary to adopt as soon as possible the bill No. 8121 of March 22, 2018 “On Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine and some other legislative acts to counter illegal takeovers”,  through which, I hope, the situation will change for the better."


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