The State Statistics reported about the average prices for meat, milk and bread

Submitted by bashun on Fri, 07/20/2018 - 15:05

Some social food products are becoming more expensive in Ukraine. This is reported by the State Statistics, UNN reported.

Since the beginning of the year the average cost of milk in Ukraine has increased by 0.5% - up to 14.8 UAH per liter of product.

Bread on average has increased by 3.5%. In June 1 kg of bread in Ukraine cost 11.7 UAH (about 5.7 UAH per loaf).

Among all types of meat only pork has risen in price - by 0.5% - to 66.1 UAH per 1 kg.

At the same time chicken meat has become cheaper - by 8.5%, beef - by 0.7%.

It is noted that of June beef became the most expensive meat in comparison with pork and chicken. Last month Ukrainians could buy 1 kg of pork on average for 66.1 UAH, 1 kg of beef - for 66.7 UAH, 1 kg of chicken - for 38.5 UAH.


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