State management systems in the agricultural sector are to be optimized

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 04/18/2018 - 15:15

On Thursday the Verkhovna Rada will consider draft law №4922-d "On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Optimizing the Public Administration System in the Sphere of Agriculture", which was registered last week. This is reported by correspondent.

The proposed bill will unlock the activities of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection and create conditions for the proper implementation of the transferred functions by other state successor agencies of the State Agricultural Inspection of Ukraine.

Changes are primarily of a technical nature and generally do not change the regulatory system for business entities, only technically replace the definition of one government agency in another.

According to the explanatory note, the main objective of the bill is to bring legislation, especially in the field of agriculture, in accordance with the concept of reforming the system of central executive bodies defined in 2014, and to create conditions for the effective functioning of newly executive bodies or those to whom the functions and powers of liquidated central executive bodies were transfered.


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