The smaller the agricultural enterprise, the more state support should be

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 06/12/2018 - 11:50

State support for the agricultural sector should be diversified in directions and clearly spelled out for years to come. This was stated by people’s deputy Leonid Kozachenko, reported.

"There are three categories of agricultural enterprises: a small family enterprise, medium and large agroholding. Each of these agricultural enterprises must have a subsidy, and it must be clearly defined for years," he explained. - The smaller the enterprise, the more state support should be".

"If the program of state support for the agrarians was at least five years in advance, and everyone knew that help would be received, and the amount would be tied to the euro or dollar, this would affect something," Leonid Kozachenko said. - If something is allocated, it happens once in 10 years.  And next year it probably won’t be allocated ... Instability is our problem."

He stressed that less than 1% is directed to support of the agricultural sector in Ukraine this year. While in Europe, it is almost 40% of the budget.

"If we count on 1 hectare of arable land cultivated in the European Union, their support farming is more than 104 times comparing to Ukrainian," Leonid Kozachenko noted.



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