Share of agricultural products in the export of goods has been 41% for 8 months of 2017

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 10/24/2017 - 12:41

As a result of 8 months of 2017 exports of goods amounted to $ 27.5 billion, that is increased by $ 4.8 billion compared with the same period in 2016. In the structure of exports of goods the largest share was made by the products of the agrarian sector and the food industry - 41.2%.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development.
In the export of goods for the eight months of 2017, the growth in supply volumes was observed in almost all branches of industry in Ukraine.

The most significant increase in the period was the supply of the following agricultural products:
sunflower oil - by $ 666.6 million;
corn - by $ 634.1 million;
sugar - by $ 149.4 million;
soybeans - by $ 110.6 million.

The main trading partner of Ukraine in the export of goods for the eight months of 2017 was the European Union (40%), while Russia's share was 9.5%. Export of goods to the EU countries continued to show positive dynamics. Thus, the volume of Ukrainian exports of goods to the EU countries for the 8 months of 2017 relative to the same period of 2016 increased by $ 2.4 billion (by 27.9%) - this is the largest growth in exports of goods of all trade partners of Ukraine.

In addition to the EU countries, the main trading partners, where more Ukrainian goods were exported during 8 months of 2017 were:
India (by $ 396.2 million);
Russia (by $ 393.8 million);
The United States (by $ 275.9 million);
Turkey (by $ 221.2 million);
Belarus (by $ 169.4 million);
Iran (by $ 165.0 million)
Algeria (by $ 159.2 million);
Moldova (by $ 123.5 million);
Iraq (by $ 79.6 million);
Israel (by $ 79.5 million).


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