SFS reports how single-window system will affect the agro-trade at the border

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 10/10/2018 - 15:57

The new single-window system law at the border simplifies customs clearance, since many types of controls and necessary paper documents are abolished. This was stated by Serhii Demchenko, Director of the Targeting and Customs Risk Management Department of the State Fiscal Service, on Radio NV, agropolit.com reported.

Thus, the data will be entered into the information system, which will be visible to customs officers and is available for viewing and decision-making by regulatory authorities.

Serhii Demchenko says that no one has the right to demand paperwork from an entrepreneur, an importer, or a participant in foreign economic activity.

According to him, now the concept of official control measures is exclusively phytosanitary and veterinary-sanitary control, state control on compliance with food law.

Thus, exporters do not need to take permission to export goods, which will speed up customs clearance. In addition, the import will no longer operate radiological, environmental and sanitary epidemiological control.

That is, indeed, radiology functions rely on border guards. And it happens only if the frame triggers, through which the vehicle passes. That is, the control will be carried out unnoticed. If the car passed and the frame did not trigger, it means the control is carried out, - explains Demchenko.

Customs is only responsible for documenting the movement of waste, which is governed by the Basel Convention-GMO, aquatic bioresources, flora, fauna, which is governed by the CITES convention, pesticides and agrochemicals.

Two officials remain at the checkpoint: customs and border guards. So, it remains veterinary and phytosanitary control. Because there is a certain list of codes of goods which will be subject to this control.


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