Russia: ASF is detected in one of the largest Kaliningrad pig complexes

Submitted by bashun on Mon, 07/16/2018 - 12:29

In the livestock of one of the largest Kaliningrad pig complexes, JSC Pravdynskoe Pig Production, the ASF virus was recorded. This was reported by sources in the industry and confirmed by the head of the press service of the regional government Dmytriy Lyskov, reported.

"Production is now in quarantine, the necessary work is carried out to isolate the infected individuals and to check the rest of the livestock. Despite the high level of protection, the ASF virus has somehow spread. But they have some isolation [of healthy individuals], the check will show that a small number of livestock still suffered. How much, while it is impossible to say, a continuous screening of the livestock will show it,"- said Lyskov.

According to the information posted on the official site of the enterprise, the pig complex is designed for 6200 sows. The total production capacity of the pig complex is estimated at 180-190 thousand pigs of slaughter conditions per year.

According to the regional Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision, the company has IV compartment - the highest degree of biological protection.


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