Pork exports is decreasing

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 02/14/2018 - 16:47

In January, pigs' meat was sold abroad two and a half times less against last year .

According to customs statistics of the SFSU, pork exports decreased by 2.4 times. Live pigs are sold abroad 29% less.
In January of this year, domestic traders sent 149 tons of slaughter pigs to Georgia. Most of the fresh pork supplied to Hong Kong - 161 tons.

Over the past two years, Georgia was the main market for products, but last month it imported only 16% of meat. But imports of pork in January amounted to 285 tons worth 466 thousand US dollars. This is more than four times more against last year and 1.7 times more than it exported for the specified period.

Therefore, the region's pigsty workers for January have negative results of foreign trade. The foreign trade balance is minus 88 thousand dollars.


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