Pedigree pigs and commodity pigs have risen in price in Ukraine

Submitted by bashun on Fri, 11/17/2017 - 13:03

With the strengthening of a new level of procurement prices for pig slaughter conditions, domestic suppliers of breeding pigs and piglets also revised prices.


Such changes are evidenced by the results of the monitoring of prices for purebred and hybrid boars, young gilt, sperm production and piglets, which was conducted by specialists the day before.

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Actively, traditionally, quotations of commodity pigs react to changes in prices on the market of live animals. So, with the increase in prices for pork live weight in October, this commodity position rose in price by 5-25 UAH / kg. Therefore, from late October to early November, animals weighing 20-30 kg can be purchased at 80-105 UAH / kg, and the average price of the offer is fixed at around 90 UAH / kg.

Pigs in a smaller weight category (10-15 kg) are more expensive - 125-200 UAH / kg. In addition to the rise in prices for live poultry, the reason for the rise in prices for piglets is their limited supply. So, within a year the main suppliers note the increased demand for them and work with orders for several months ahead.

Similarly, the normally stable prices for the breeding young person responded. Although the range of prices for such animals has not changed: as in September purebred and hybrid boars can be purchased for 6,5-20 thousand UAH / unit, and pigs - for 6-10 thousand UAH / unit.

Nevertheless, this segment of the market also integrated the rise in price of pigs slaughter conditions, because some producers offer plemsvynia at 10-28 UAH / kg more expensive than in early autumn.


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