The number of raider seizures in Ukraine doubled

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 10/17/2017 - 10:15

Since the beginning of the year, the Anti-Raiders Union of Entrepreneurs (ARUE) has registered 70 cases of forcible seizures of agricultural enterprises, and this is twice as much as for the entire 2016 year.

This is written by UNIAN.

"Raiders are interested in agriculture in the hope of rising prices for land and the rise of the agricultural market," said Andrii Semydidko, chairman of the ARP.

In this case, according to the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association, most often unfriendly "takeover" occur in Central Ukraine, slightly less in the South.

"Today, a farmer can not protect his business, his property, his harvest. He can lose everything in a matter of minutes, " says Iryna Palamar, chairman of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association. 


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