New wave of agricultural raiding starts in summer

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 06/12/2018 - 17:17

This summer farmers are waiting for a new wave of raiding - both the same enterprises, and new ones. This was told by the head of the NGO "Business Warta" Olha Matviiva in an exclusive interview for

"There will be a new wave of raiding. Both new enterprises and those that were seized last year, and they were never able to escape from the courts, examinations, investigative actions and commissions. For example, a repeated force harvesting can occur at the "Niva-2010" enterprise starting from July of this year," she said.

The leader of the NGO "Business Warta" noted that to date, it is not difficult for the raiders to seize businesses, because they have all that contributes to it.

"A company can be seized in one day by forging documents, putting them in the register. Raiders have mutual guarantee and their people everywhere. It can take years to defend and restore the violated right of the owner! Therefore, there will be a continuation of raiding against the same enterprises that suffered last summer and others. Someone introduced fertilizers, sowed, and others will come to harvest. And someone invested in the plant, upgraded the equipment, which is also very favorable," she assured.

Olha Matviiva said that we should not stand still, we should do everything to protect our enterprises.

"Agrarians must enter the media space, conduct their business transparently and cleanly, and have all the necessary documents duly drawn up. Our doors are open for those who need support," she noted.


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