Meat basket has risen in price by 3% over the half a year

Submitted by bashun on Fri, 08/03/2018 - 11:02

Meat basket rose by 3% over the first half of 2018, or by 19 UAH. This was announced by the Director of the Association of Trade Network Suppliers Oleksii Doroshenko on his Facebook page, reported.

According to him, the cost of a meat basket with fish and eggs was 630 UAH at the end of June 2018, whereas its cost was 611 UAH at the beginning of the year.

"A kilogram of all kinds of meat and sausages subject to state monitoring, namely pork, beef, salo, chicken and fillet, boiled sausage, as well as a kilogram of frozen fish and a dozen eggs entered the meat basket. The calculation of the cost of the meat basket is made on the basis of state statistics," Doroshenko explained.

According to the association, over the first half of 2018, salo and eggs fell by 1 UAH, or 1% and 5 UAH, or 19%, respectively. Now the average price of a kilogram of salo is 68 UAH, and a dozen of eggs - 22 UAH. All other products became more expensive for the first six months of 2018 from 1% to 9%, namely:

- beef - by 9%, + 10 UAH/kg;

- frozen fish - by 6%, +4 UAH/kg;

- pork - 5%, +5 UAH/kg;

- cooked sausages - by 5%, +4 UAH/kg;

- chicken in carcass and fillet - 1%, 1 UAH/kg.

According to the association, at the end of June a kilogram of beef could be bought on average in the country for 124 UAH, pork - for 114 UAH, chicken fillet - 90 UAH, boiled sausage - 87 UAH, fish - 70 UAH, salo - 68 UAH, broiler - for 55 UAH, and a dozen of eggs - for 22 UAH.

"Alternative calculations show that the growth is not significant. According to the study of the Association of Trade Network Suppliers, eggs and salo have also fallen in price over the four months, while other products have risen in price," Doroshenko added.


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