Iryna Palamar took part in the discussion of the new EBRD Draft Agribusiness Sector Strategy

Submitted by bashun on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 13:34

On September 6, 2018, at the EBRD office in Kyiv Iryna Palamar, head of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association, took part in the discussion of the new EBRD Draft Agribusiness Sector Strategy, together with other representatives of profile public associations and industry associations.

The very EBRD Draft Agribusiness Sector Strategy was presented by Nataliia Zhukova, EBRD Director in the agribusiness sector, and Vojtek Bonyaschuk, Vice-Director, Head of the EBRD Regional Office in the agribusiness sector. The moderator of the event was Vasyl Hovhera, Economist of the EBRD Agribusiness Department.

Iryna Palamar stressed the importance of EBRD support in the livestock sector with loans and credits for the construction of high-tech enterprises, processing enterprises, slaughter enterprises, and the acquisition of equipment for collecting, cooling and transporting of milk.

She also noted that the support of the EBRD in the development of new legislation of Ukraine in the field of pesticides and agrochemicals is no less important.

Iryna Palamar asked to continue supporting programs, especially, a program of consulting services in the field of cooperation and dairy industry to introduce new requirements for the quality and safety of milk and dairy products.


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