Import of pedigree young stock in Ukraine has reached alarming proportions

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 06/06/2018 - 15:03

The dependence of domestic livestock on the import of breeding resources has become threatening: it is more than 40% in pig production and more than 65% in dairy cattle breeding. This was told  in an interview with by the First Vice-President of the National Academy of Sciences, Mykhailo Hladii, reports.

He noted that to achieve the target indicators of gross production of livestock products it is necessary to increase its productivity.

"As you understand, these tasks cannot be carried out without effective breeding. There is no country with developed livestock breeding, where there is no own system for obtaining, estimating and reproducing pedigree breeding resources, as it is in Ukraine. Very few talk about this, but it is time to raise an alarm," says Mykhailo Hladii.

He also said that today 45 households in the structure of the National Academy of Sciences have 79 breeding statuses, in particular - 41 breeding plants, 36 breeding reproducers, 2 breeding apiaries, and 2 breeding poultry plants.

"All of them offer highly productive breeds of their own to the farmers. The contribution of these enterprises to the development of the industry is significant. Every year our experienced farms breed 3,6 thousand heads of pedigree young cattle, 12,500 heads of pigs and 3,000 sheep for sale," says academician.

He also said that the Academy has developed a project of a modern system of breeding in livestock and a road map for its introduction, a project of the "National program for breeding in livestock for the period until 2025". All documents are in the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.

"I am convinced that it is the Ministry that should be the engine of change and promote the creation of a centralized state-wide automated system from the controlled livestock of animals. We emphasize once again that for this purpose it is necessary to unite in one state body the functions of ensuring identification and registration of animals and centralized automated selection records”, summarizes Mykhailo Hladii.


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