Experts explained the low rating of food security in Ukraine

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 05/02/2018 - 15:20

The main reasons for the low level of food security in Ukraine include, in particular, inaccessibility to cheap loans for Ukrainian agricultural producers. This is stated in the material of experts of the "Baker Tilly" company, UNN reported.

Over four years (2013-2017 - ed.) Ukraine dropped from 47th to 63rd place in the Global Food Security Index.

According to experts, factors that do not relate to purely agrarian problems have the greatest negative impact on the situation with food security in Ukraine. We are talking, first of all, about the problems associated with the general state of the economy: high levels of corruption, too expensive loans, the risk of political instability.

"Experts referred the high level of corruption, gross domestic product per capita, insufficient funding for scientific research and the latest developments in the agricultural sector and the risks of political instability to the serious challenges." In addition, unlike developed countries, Ukrainian farmers have problems with access to cheap loans," experts noted.

However, experts predict an improvement in the indicators of food security in Ukraine.

"The economy of the state has been growing slowly and steadily for several years, and it is the agrarian sector that is the main driver of this growth.For Ukraine, which has a powerful potential in the field of agriculture, current indicators should be considered extremely low.There are further positive changes that require a more consistent fight against corruption, protection of investors' rights, increase in incomes of citizens.The direct measures include an increase of financing innovative projects by the state and private companies in rural areas, as well as liberalization of the market of agricultural land," analysts said.

Their opinion is shared by the economic expert Pavlo Moroz. According to him, today in Ukraine the volume of food production is sufficient to feed people. However, the problem of food security exists; it is aggravated by the conflict in the east of the country.

"In the UN list (FAO), our country is in the list of vulnerable, which means that the increase in production is not a wish, but a vital necessity and a security issue." The record volume of meat imports to Ukraine reveals the problems in the food production sector. Since January to March 2018 it is the largest in the last five years," he noted.

Today the state declares support to all those producers who are ready to invest in expanding and increasing the number of animals, the expert said. Bet is on cattle and poultry.

It is the increase in production, according to the expert, that will help stabilize prices on the domestic food market against the backdrop of growing exports.


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