The expert told what products would rise in price in Ukraine

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 02/13/2018 - 16:45

In 2018, Ukraine will continue to increase prices for vegetables, dairy products and meat. The greatest growth will be observed until the spring.

This was in the commentary to the "Observer" told the executive director of the Economic Discussion Club Oleh Pendzyn.

"Vegetable prices will rise and they will grow until May, if early spring is available, until April, they will add 10-15% a month to the price, which is related to their storage, which was the same last year, , -  says the expert.

Pendzyn also predicts a rise in prices for dairy products - cheese, milk, sour cream, butter. At the same time, the cost of pork will not change significantly. Nothing fundamentally changes with pork. In Ukraine there is an outbreak of African swine fever, the livestock is massively destroyed. Not so much, but the price will rise by several percent, " says the expert.

A significant rise in price of chicken Pendzyn explained the openness of the Ukrainian market for Europe.

"As soon as there is a minimum export demand, our Ukrainian chicken meat is sent to Europe, thereby reducing supply in the Ukrainian market, as a result the price for these products is closer to the European one," says the expert


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