The dairy basket index has grown by 26% for the year

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 12/12/2017 - 09:54

All types of dairy products without exception became more expensive for the year by more than a quarter.

This was reported by the chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Retail Network Suppliers Oleksii Doroshenko on his Facebook page.
"Butter came to our dairy busket, soft cheese and sour cream, bought by kilogram, and one liter of milk. The cost of a dairy basket as of December 1 of this year was 326 UAH, whereas in the past its cost was 258 UAH. That is, the dairy basket index for the year has increased by 26%, " says Oleksii Doroshenko. 

According to him, sour cream for the year went up by 30%, cheese soft - by 28%, milk and butter - by 25%. For twelve months, butter added 31 UAH, soft cheese - 22 UAH, sour cream - 11 UAH, milk - 4 UAH.

"From now on, a kilo of butter can be bought on average for 160 UAH, soft cheese for 100 UAH, sour cream for 48 UAH, milk for 18 UAH per liter," says the expert.

Doroshenko also added that last year it was the dairy basket that was the leader of price growth this year, losing to meat.


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