Consumer sentiments of Ukrainians continue to improve

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 05/29/2018 - 15:09

In April 2018, the consumer sentiments of Ukrainians improved: the consumer sentiment index was 61.3 points, which is 3.7 point more than in March 2018. This is reported by GfK Ukraine, according to

The index of the current situation rose by 2.3 points to 58.9. The components of this index suffered such changes:

- the index of the current personal financial situation (x1) was 51.7, which is 3.7 points higher than the March indicator;

- the index of the feasibility of major purchases (x5) increased by 0.9 points and settled at 66.2.

The index of economic expectations (IEI) in April rose by 4.6 points to a point of 63 points. The dynamics of the components of this index looks like this:

- the index of expected changes in personal financial position (x2) increased by 0.6 points compared to the previous month and amounted to 59.5;

- the index of the expected development of the country's economy within the next year (х3) increased by 7 points and amounted to 62;

- the index of the expected development of the country's economy within the next 5 years (х4) was 67.4 in March, which is 6.1 points less than the indicator of March.

Expectations of Ukrainians regarding unemployment in April improved: the index of the expected unemployment rate decreased by 3.5 points and amounted to 130.7. However, the index of inflationary expectations increased by 5.5 points and amounted to 188.5. Expectations of Ukrainians regarding the hryvnia exchange rate have improved over the next 3 months: the devaluation expectations index dropped 2.3 points to 147.6.

"The consumer sentiment index rose in April 2018. The largest increase was recorded in the index of the expected economic development over the next year. This dynamic correlates with the improvement in the first quarter of 2018 of the expectations of enterprises to develop their business in the next 12 months according to the National Bank's survey, " comment analysts at GfK Ukraine.


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