Cattle breeders are able to invest more than 2 billion UAH in the development of the industry

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According to the results of a survey conducted by the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association, enterprises for the production of livestock products require funds for the construction and reconstruction of their complexes for a total of 2048250000 UAH and are able to invest these funds in the event of their allocation by the Government (as planned by the draft Law of Ukraine "On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2016 year ".

The survey was conducted among 54 livestock enterprises throughout Ukraine (see Appendix below), each of which provided information on investments in fixed assets necessary for the development of their livestock complexes.

As is known, the draft Law of Ukraine "On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2018" provides for an increase in the financing of the livestock sector by 13.5 times. In 2017, according to the Law of Ukraine "On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2017", funding under the budget program "State Support to Livestock" is 170 million UAH, and in 2018 the figure should grow to 2.3 billion UAH.

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, as reported on October 3 at a meeting of the Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the consideration of the draft Law of Ukraine "On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2018" on the financing of the agricultural sector, additional funding for the livestock sector is planned to partial reimbursement of the cost of construction and reconstruction of livestock farms, the purchase of breeding stock and the reduction in the cost of interest on loans to builders The reconstruction of cattle-breeding complexes and milking parlors.

In addition, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Hroisman said at the International Economic Forum Toronto Global Forum in Canada, where he headed the Ukrainian business delegation, which was also joined by the chairman of the USBA Iryna Palamar. So, during his speech at the forum, he told about the Ukrainian reforms and noted that one of the priority directions of Ukraine's innovation activity in 2017-2021 will be, among others, the agro-industry. The prime minister reported that in the state budget for 2018 to support livestock production it is planned to allocate more than 2 billion UAH.

However, then some representatives of agrarian associations do not support this decision. In particular, at the above-mentioned meeting of the Committee of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy Mykhailo Sokolov, deputy chairman of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council, spoke against increasing the financing of the livestock sector in 2018 and noted that the livestock farmers will not be able to absorb these funds. It is hard not to agree with it.
That is why, in order to avoid unfounded and biased statements, the Association of Livestock Breeders of Ukraine conducted this survey among livestock enterprises in order to collect real factual information about the real needs and opportunities of livestock farmers to finance the livestock sector.

"We very much hope that the planned financing of animal husbandry will be preserved during consideration in the parliament," says Iryna Palamar. - The livestock sector needs state support: for the construction or reconstruction of pig farms, fattening centers for bulls, construction of embryonic centers for cattle, and others. We were able to verify it once again by conducting this survey. The livestock keepers have enough problematic issues or projects that require funding from the state budget, so, obviously, the industry will be able to invest an additional 2 billion UAH in 2018. "

Additional information:

List of farms that participated in the survey:


  1. Agro - Union CJSC - 90000000 UAH
  2. Agro Plus-2006 LLC - 5000000 UAH
  3. Agro-Dibrivka LLC - 10000000 UAH
  4. Agro-Continent LLC - 10000000 UAH
  5. Agro-novoselivka 2009 PE - 5000000 UAH
  6. Agro-Oven, LLC - 75000000 UAH
  7. Agrodim LLC SP - 2000000 UAH
  8. Agroind LLC - 15000000 UAH
  9. AGROKO ASLLC - 20000000 UAH
  10. Agricor Holding LLC - 10000000 UAH
  11. Agroprime Holding, LLC - 10000000 UAH
  12. Agroprogress V LLC - 5000000 UAH
  13. Agroprodservis invest OOO - 10000000 UAH
  14. Agroprodservice invest ASLLC – 15000000 UAH
  15. Agroprodservis PAP - 10000000 UAH
  16. Agroforestry PE - 1500000 UAH
  17. Agromir ASLLC Myronivsky district - 20000000 UAH
  18. Agromir LLC Kharkiv - 30000000 UAH
  19. Agrositnitsya LLC - 23000000 UAH
  20. Agrofirma - Munnt, PE - 3000000 UAH
  21. Agrofirm Orlovschina LLC - 12000000 UAH
  22. Vesela svynka LLC - 390000000 UAH
  23. Yekaterynoslavskyi MPK - UAH 129 000 000
  24. Zhadkivske POSP - 1000000 UAH
  25. Zhuravka LLC - 70000000 UAH
  26. Zelenohirske PNF LLC - 2000000 UAH
  27. Zorya rural farm - 5000000 UAH
  28. Zernoproduct MHP PRJSC - 75000000 UAH
  29. Ivanivka IH - 45000000 UAH
  30. Ivnica ASLLC - 10000000 UAH
  31. Shevchenko ASLLC - 30000000 UAH
  32. Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, STZOV - 10000000 UAH
  33. Michurina ASLLC – 2000000 UAH
  34. Telmana CJSC - 15000000 UAH
  35. Iskra, SG OPP V - 6000000 UAH
  36. Ichnianske POSP – 135000000 UAH
  37. Kamchatka LLC - 25000000 UAH
  38. Kolos ODO - 20000000 UAH
  39. Pivdenne farm- 10000000 UAH
  40. PZHK- Zaporizhzhia LLC - 55000000 UAH
  41. Pershotravneve ASLLC (Shpola) - 2000000 UAH
  42. Perlyna Turii farm- 70000000 UAH
  43. Peremoha ASLLC (Zolotonosha) - 40000000 UAH
  44. Peremoha PSP - 5000000 UAH
  45. Peremoha SEC - 2000000 UAH
  46. Podilska marka, KFH - 22500000 UAH
  47. Podilskyi Bekon LLC - 4000000 UAH
  48. Podilskyi hospodar 2004 LLC - 10000000 UAH
  49. Polissia-Silhosp-Agro, LLC - 5000000 UAH
  50. Ponory LLC - 50000000 UAH
  51. Potochyshche PFG - 5000000 UAH
  52. Prymorskyi PSP - 6000000 UAH
  53. Pripyat SEC - 250000 UAH
  54. Yubileinyi - 400 000 000 UAH

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