ASF among wild boars was recorded in Kharkiv region

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 01/03/2018 - 09:41

In the Kharkiv region, wild boars were shot at the territory of the LLC “Murafskyi Pheasant” (Krasnokutskyi district), the NGO “Hai-2” (Iziumskyi district), the “Lisomyr” (Iziumskyi district) and the LLC “Izbytske” (Vovchanskyi district) hunting areas.

This is reported by the press service of the State Consumer Protection Service.

In the study of selected samples of biomaterial in the State Research Institute for Laboratory Diagnostics and the Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise (Kyiv) on December 28, 2017, a diagnosis was established - African swine fever (the ASF) (report on the results of study No. 010810 p.m. / 17 of December 28, 2017).

In order to coordinate actions to localize and eliminate outbreaks of ASF, a meeting of state emergency antiepizootic commissions was held at Krasnokutskii , Iziumskii and Vovchanskii district state administrations, which approved plans for the elimination of ASF, defined the borders of epizootic foci, protection zones and surveillance.

In the foci of the disease, measures are taken to localize and prevent the spread of the pathogen of ASF.


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