Arab countries are ready to profitably buy chilled beef

Submitted by bashun on Mon, 11/20/2017 - 10:13

The market dictates its rules, today little to grow quality beef. The most difficult task was to sell every part of the beef carcass with the maximum profit.

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"The old primitive model of trading in half-hearted or quarters does not solve this problem. Nobody in the world trades in half, because this market does not bear marginality. It is limited to the Russian market and several other CIS markets, where quality is secondary, and the price is primary, " says the expert.

According to Shatokhin, maximum marginality is achieved by marketing to target markets of individual cuts obtained as a result of specific mascara cards.

"And this is not the only recipe for success. The greatest prices are given by the countries of the Arab world preferably with a chilled product. And this, in turn, presupposes a halal slaughter, an exceptional hygiene of production and a modern powerful "cold chain", quality packaging materials that will ensure the shelf life of chilled meat for more than 90 days and professional powerful marketing, " stresses he. 


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