AMCU reports factors of rising prices for chicken meat

Submitted by bashun on Wed, 03/21/2018 - 11:51

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) announced the factors of rising prices for poultry meat. This is stated in the agency's 2017 report, АgroР

It bears reminding that the AMCU finds out why the prices for chicken rose. The Office investigates whether the largest poultry producer (MHP) is abusing its monopoly position in the domestic market. Today there is the highest price for meat in Kyiv.

After a sharp rise in the price of chicken meat, in 2017 the AMCU initiated discussion of the problems with representatives of chicken producers, industry associations, retail chains, government authorities.

The Antimonopoly Committee's report contains a list of price factors for chicken:

• Increase in the cost of energy.

• Growth of the minimum wage.

• Increase of the cost of mixed fodders, which takes up to 70% of costs in production costs.

• Consumer demand exceeded supply.

• The influence of world prices.

"The growth in the cost of chicken meat over January-December, 2017 is 28.41% (according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine)," reports the AMCU in its 2017 report.


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