Agrarian day: a number of important draft laws were adopted in the parliament

Submitted by bashun on Thu, 07/12/2018 - 13:58

At the last meeting the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted 4 Laws and approved in the first reading 2 draft laws in the agrarian sphere. This is reported by

In particular, the Laws of Ukraine were adopted:

№ 5448-d "On the main principles and requirements for organic production, circulation and labeling of organic products." People's deputies were allowed to impose significant fines on manufacturers-violators. The basis for a financial whip is a violation of the procedure for marking organic products. It also launches the register of organic products and, overall, brings together Ukrainian and European legislation in this area.

№6490-d "On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the stimulation of the creation and operation of family farms". The law proposes to extend the status of agricultural producers to family farms registered as self-employed person, namely - the possibility of voluntary registration under the simplified taxation system in the 4th group of single tax payers; provide for the possibility within 10 years of preferential payment of a single social contribution by members of family farms with full enrollment insurance; simplify accounting and tax reporting for family farms; simplify and normalize the procedure for state registration of family farms, including the possibility of acquiring the status of a family economy; To establish payment of the tax on incomes of physical persons on a rent for the ground areas (shares) in local budgets on a site of such ground areas.

№ 6049-d "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning the Solving the Problem of Collective Land Ownership, Improvement of Land Use Rules in Massifs of Agricultural Land, Prevention of Raiderage and Irrigation Promotion in Ukraine". The bill proposes: transfer to communal ownership the lands of collective property of liquidated collective agricultural enterprises; to provide an opportunity for the former members of those collective agricultural enterprises in which the divisions have already occurred, but who have not been liquidated, by 2025, to obtain agricultural land (if any). In addition, all non-agricultural land must be transferred to communal ownership; if until 2025 such decisions by former members of the collective agricultural enterprises have not been taken; local councils can apply to the court for a transfer of communal property in order to recognize the property as ownerless. This applies to both agricultural and non-agricultural land.

№ 6673 "On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding the Settlement of Certain Phytosanitary Procedures". The law proposes the involvement of private laboratories in the procedure for phytosanitary examination and sampling, the establishment of the Register of Authorized Laboratories and their findings and the Register of phytosanitary certificates; to leave the function of arbitration phytosanitary expertise exclusively for the state; establish responsibility of officials of phytosanitary laboratories for improper performance of their functions.

Also the people's deputies approved the bills in the first reading:

№ 8450 "On information for consumers regarding food products". The purpose of the bill is to ensure an adequate level of protection of health and consumer interests, their awareness, the establishment of means to ensure consumers' right to information and procedures for providing information about food products.

№ 8121 "On Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine and some other legislative acts to fight against raid". The purpose of the bill is to ensure the protection of property rights of owners and users of land plots, to prevent unlawful takeover and seizure of enterprises in the agricultural sector of the economy; the introduction of effective fuses, against the unlawful acquisition of lands, including by double registration of contracts; seizure of property of agricultural enterprises and others. This bill gives the owner the right to enter into the register of rights to ban rental registration without a notarization of the contract, obliges to digitize all the documents on the ground that are present today in paper form, that is, those that were formed before 2004 at the state expense, and so on.


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