Agrarian business in Ukraine: global challenges and the role of economic science

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 11/14/2017 - 11:07

An international scientific and practical conference on the theme: "Agrarian business in Ukraine: global challenges and the role of economic science" was held within the walls of Kyiv National Economic University on November 9.

This meeting brought together representatives of government, science, business, public organizations, unions, associations, as well as partners from the Bratislava Economic University at the table and discuss current issues in the modern agricultural sector, possible benefits and bottlenecks in management, business prospects and support, innovations and technology.

The President of the UAC, People's Deputy Leonid Kozachenko spoke about the efficiency of the activities of farms and vertically integrated agricultural holdings, relying on the unique research of the analytical department of the UAC. He noted the problems associated with the state subsidizing of the agricultural sector in the context of which part of the state support should be allocated to both small farmers and large producers.

The theme of the efficiency of enterprises and the general director of the UAC was continued by Pavlo Koval. In his report, for example, he compared the technical efficiency of allocating resources to six groups of Ukrainian enterprises, divided by area, and the agricultural enterprises of other countries, among which the West European, Latin American and the US identified as a country that has a transitional stage from large agroholdings to small farms.

The Western European system was represented by Poland as a country that is set as an example by Ukraine, Germany as the country with the most effective agrarian activity and France, the most agrarian country in Western Europe.

The Latin American system was represented by Argentina and Brazil, where large agricultural enterprises operate. Because of the research, it was revealed that the most effective are enterprises with an area of 5 to 10 thousand hectares, and more than 10 thousand hectares, and such countries as the USA, Germany, France and Poland.


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