African swine fever again is recorded in Moldova

Submitted by bashun on Tue, 11/14/2017 - 10:21

A new outbreak of the disease was recorded in the border of Palanka village. The report on the suspicion of pig disease ASF appeared on October 27, and already the 31st national laboratory confirmed its presence.

Since the appearance of the disease, all necessary measures have been taken to prevent its spread, said the chairman of the National Agency for Food Security of Moldova, Gheorghe Gaber.

He also added that the NAPB decided to take anti-epizootic measures not only in the Palanka village, but also throughout the border of Moldova with Ukraine.

Due to African swine fever, Moldova banned the import of meat from Ukraine. Restrictions have been in effect since October 2016. Since then, customs officials have prevented several thousand attempts to import meat into the country. The total weight of seized products is about 10 tons.

Moldova itself can not yet export pork after the ASF outbreaks in some parts of the country. In accordance with international treaties, in order to resume supplies, the country must demonstrate that no cases of the disease have been registered in its territory within 12 months.


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